Core Embedded Services

Embedded systems are at the heart of every major electronic system and device today. Naturally all our solutions and services are also centred around embedded systems. Over the past decade we have worked on embedded systems and have also witnessed embedded systems evolve. We have worked on embedded products and solutions of various sizes and capabilities. We have designed products that have sold for less than a dollar to products that run complex machines in industries.

Over the years we have designed embedded systems for diverse application domains like

Consumer electronics
Biomedical Electronics
Wireless monitoring and control
Safety and Security systems
Industrial automation
Home automation
At Develop Dreamz our biggest strength is that we have in house expertise at every stage of a embedded systems development. From understanding and defining the clients requirement to system design and all the way to the delivery and deployment. This in turn results in shortest time to market at the least cost possible for the client. The convenience of having to deal with only one team through the entire product development is another complimentary advantage to the client.

We have a design and development team, that has been put together keeping in perspective the diverse skill set that is required to work on customized solutions. Our design team has decades of combined experience in analog, digital and mixed signal designs. We also work with multiple architectures and microcontroller families, enabling us to offer the solutions that are optimised and perfect match to the clients requirement.

Our embedded programming team compliments our design team and is involved in the project from the very beginning, ensuring that the system design and the code development are in line with the requirement at every stage.