Pulse jet Controller

DD is manufacturer of Pulse Jet Dust Collection system for various Industrial requirement for air quality improvement and enhancing the quality of air released by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas by removing particulate matter from the air and environment. We are a manufacturer of highly customized units to accurately match your Application requirements with customized ducting solutions along with our dust collectors for your specific dust collection requirements.

pH meter.

pH Meter is a precise and compact pH Indicating System using latest technology of electronics for direct measurement of pH. The high input impedance, accuracy and the stability of its measuring circuit enable it to make the measurements with precision and reproducibility.
PH meter is designed to identify the nature of the solution which is either alkaline / acidic or neutral. It is continuously monitoring system.For every instance data will be stored in the unit. It can be communicate with PLC/controller for further operations using Modbus.

Bar code printing and scanning:

As a system integrator and solution provider, DD has acquired the experience of implementing a variety of software based solutions required by different verticals and industries. We have strategically tied up with world class manufacturers and developers that create best of software to effectively implement barcode systems and solutions.
There are several barcode designing software in the market. While most allow users to add logo, input data, generate barcodes, and print labels; enterprise deployments need several additional features that allow users to:
Import from Excel Sheets
Maintain Audit trails of barcodes generated
Maintain elaborate template approval work-flows
Approve and access control
Handle complex formulas for barcode data
Record and reports of logs
Access additional design tools
And do much more!